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Keys wrote the poem that became the Star Spangled Banner after US forces showed their defiance by raising a massive American flag after the British fleet had attempted to blast the fort to pieces and, more than years later, it was finally adopted as the Clipper ships essay anthem of the US.

For just those reasons, it was hard not to imagine what a story it would be — and how much carnage might result — should two of these behemoths ever hit each other.

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A side street was named Clarence Avenue. The coffee and opium clippers varied in size and might be schooner, brigantine, brig, bark, or ship rigged, but were equally sharp bowed for fast sailing. Both mention a type of ship called kolandiaphonta, which may be a translation of the Chinese word K'un-lun po.

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The Baltimore Clipper is not only the symbol of Maryland, but its ambassador to the world. Since the first true Baltimore Clipper appeared shortly after the Revolutionary War, its growth can be traced as Maryland, and its maritime expenditures, develops from a British colony to a representative U.S.

state. Barosa also reported various goods carried by these ships, which include rice, meat of cows, sheep, pigs, and deer, dried and salted, many chickens, garlic, and onions.

Clipper Ships Essay Sample The name Clipper is applied to a ship to indicate that it is a very fast sailer. The term, probably derived from the verb clip (to move quickly), was first used in the United States soon after the War of and was applied to the type of vessel formerly described as Virginia built or of pilot boat construction.

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